Splat Says Thank You! (Splat the Cat Series)

Rob Scotton
HarperCollins (2012)
ISBN 9780061978746

Reviewed by Miles Cassells (age 2.5) and Mom for Reader Views Kids (1/13)

In “Splat Says Thank You!” by Rob Scotton, Splat, the cat, is trying to cheer up Seymour, the mouse. He is not feeling well and is sick in bed. Splat wants to make Seymour smile so he made him a friendship book. On each page, Splat tells Seymour thank you for special things that he has done for him. Seymour encouraged his friend to try out for the school play, helped him learn his lines and helped him during the play when he forgot his lines and much more!

This book tells a story of friends and why we have them. Children should know how to treat their friends and this is a great example of loving one another. Everyone needs special care when they are sick. This creative story with Splat attempting to make his friend Seymour feel better is the perfect example of how friends should be.

Miles really is into “Splat the Cat.” He wanted to read it three times in a row. I can only imagine that we will read it 100 times more. I would recommend “Splat Says Thank You!” by Rob Scotton to parents for every kid! We love to read a super fun book and super fun is exactly what “Splat the Cat” is! We cannot wait to get more “Splat the Cat” books in the future!!

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