Water Sings Blue: Ocean Poems

Kate Coombs
Chronicle Books (2012)
ISBN 9780811872843

Reviewed by Grayce Richardson (age 7) for Reader Views (4/12)

“Water Sings Blue” by Kate Coombs is a collection of sea poems. It’s like a song book; my friend and I can sing to it. I like the sand story because the sand is describing itself, “We used to be rocks, we used to be stones; we stood proud as castles, altars, and thrones.” Then there is a poem about shopping…a bird shopping at the tide pool. “They carry everything there, mussels by the bushel and three kinds of barnacles, starfish and gobies to spare.” I like the one about the blue whale, too. It sounds like a pretty, swaying song. It’s very fluid. I like “Shipwreck” too. The watercolor paintings look so realistic. I like how the paint goes over the animals, like bright blobs of color. I also like “Octopus Ink” a lot because you can see the octopus squirting ink at you and the poem is in the ink. And on the sea turtle, the paint has splashes of color. It’s gorgeous. I would recommend this book for poetry and song writers and especially for little kids who really like writing or coloring and drawing. Also, little babies and parents who are having a baby because the poems are like songs - like lullabies. Families that like the ocean and sea animals will also like “Water Sings Blue: Ocean Poems” by Kate Coombs.

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