Fantasy Horses Coloring Book

Cathy Jean Cleveland
CreateSpace (2012)
ISBN 9781481023993

Reviewed by Emilee Summers (age 12) for Reader Views (10/13)

“Fantasy Horse Coloring Book” by Cathy Jean Cleveland is a collection of 34 coloring pages of a fantasy world with fantasy horses in all shapes and sizes. The illustrations of horses are really fun to color, and since I love horses, I enjoyed all the different varieties. Each picture was a different scene in a fantasy world of unusual creatures.

Night Wing was one of my favorite horses to color. Most horse coloring books are for little kids or they have pictures of mostly plain horses. “Fantasy Horse Coloring Book” is for older kids who love horses and like to draw. I never imagined there could be so many different kinds of horses you could draw and all of them different in their own way.

I would recommend “Fantasy Horse Coloring Book” by Cathy Jean Cleveland for kids who like to draw and love horses. I was even inspired to create some of my own drawings of unusual horses based on what I saw in this book. The names of the horses are as unusual as the horses themselves. I will keep this book long after I am done coloring it just to look back on the beautiful horses.

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