The Hummingbird Garden

Evelyn Schwarz
Outskirts Press (2012)
ISBN 9781432798154

Reviewed by Madeline McElroy (age 11) for Reader Views (1/13)

“The Hummingbird Garden” by Evelyn Schwarz is about a girl named Alexis who just moved into a new house with her family. While Alexis was lying down, a little flash of color went by over her and flew into her neighbors’ yard. Alexis walked over to the fence and peeked through a hole. Her neighbors’ backyard is filled with many flowers, and there also some little red glass balls hanging from trees, but the most amazing thing she saw were small, colorful birds zipping by, hovering everywhere, and sometimes flying backwards! Alexis found this sight wonderful and went to tell her Mom and Dad. The next day, they would go to their neighbors’ house and ask about the garden and about the tiny little birds and learn more about them.

This book is a short, little book about a little girl and her neighbors’ hummingbird garden. It’s a cute, little, short story, but I say its better for a younger age group, like second grade to fourth grade, but it depends what you like to read or what you are allowed to read. The illustrations are really cute, especially the hummingbirds. You will really love “The Hummingbird Garden” by Evelyn Schwarz if you love hummingbirds like me.

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