Ava and the Little Folk

Neil Christopher and Alan Neal
Inhabit Media (2012)
ISBN 9781927095027

Reviewed by Madeline McElroy (age 11.5) for Reader Views (1/13)

“Ava and the Little Folk” by Neil Christopher and Alan Neal is about a little boy named Ava who just wants to hunt, but when the hunters come by his house, they never stop to get him. One day, Ava heard the hunters coming, as he waited outside. Ava noticed something. He noticed that the hunters didn’t sound as loud as usual, neither did the wolves. 

It was a foggy day, so Ava couldn’t see the hunters as they came closer. Ava was shocked when the hunters stopped at his doorstep. They didn’t look like hunters to him. Why? Because they were as tall as Ava’s knees, and had footprints no bigger then the tracks of a rabbit! Ava asked the man how he was a hunter. The man replied, “I find that hard to see myself. What do you think?” Ava stared and replied, “But you’re tiny!” The man paused and said, “One day you will learn that a real man decides his own size. I am as big or little as I choose to be. We all are.” Ava then heard more sleds approaching. Ava stared when the little man gave him a stare as he hopped onto the sled. “Come on, Tau! Aren’t you coming?” Ava's eyes went wide, “I get to hunt?” he asked nervously. The little man smiled and said, “Of course!” and off they went.

“Ava and the Little Folk” by Neil Christopher and Alan Neal is a fun little book about a legend of a type of people called Inugarulligaarjuit, meaning supernatural race of little beings. Ava, a young village boy who has no mom or dad, is found, cared for and taught to hunt and live with the little folk. This is a cute book with good illustrations. Lots of the words used in this are very old, and I did not know lots of them, but a helpful glossary is provided in the back to help the reader understand more, so I suggest if you buy this book for you or your children, to go over the glossary with them before reading. 


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