The Bear’s Song

Benjamin Chaud
Chronicle Books (2013)
ISBN 9781452114248

Reviewed by Ciara (age 6) and Alyvia (age 5) Summers and Mom for Reader Views (10/13)

“The Bear’s Song” by Benjamin Chaud follows father bear as he searches for his little cub that is following a bee through vivid illustrations of forests and cities, into an opera house where father bear ends up hanging from a chandelier above the stage. The book shows all the things father bear is willing to go through for his little cub. 

Ciara found “The Bear’s song” to have some words that were difficult to sound out for a first grader but overall she was able to read most the story on her own. Both girls loved finding the little cub and the bee in all the wonderful pictures. I at times was even stumped when looking for baby bear. We really enjoyed reading this book together and talking about the illustrations and all the different people and scenes that each page held. The storyline was entertaining and the illustrations allow for endless exploration for children. Children are fascinated with pictures books that have numerous different objects to find and “The Bear’s Song” has everything and more when it comes to interactive pages a child could spend hours looking at, with all of the amazing details the author includes in each illustration.

The girls and I loved reading “The Bear’s Song” by Benjamin Chaud together and each time we read it we discovered something new we did not notice before. I would recommend this book for all ages who love beautiful pictures as well as a wonderful story.

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