Portia Polar Bear’s Birthday Wish

Margie K. Carroll
Margie Carroll Press (2010)
ISBN 9780984479337

Reviewed by Max Aures (age 5) for Reader Views (9/11)


Max’s comments:

“This book was about a polar bear.  It says her name is Portia.  There are real pictures in this book.  Ones that are taken with a camera!  There are lots of good pictures.  I would like to take pictures of animals like that too but it might be scary being really close to them.

The fox tells the bear that she walks pigeon-toed.  I didn’t know what that meant but then I saw by the footprints.  She looks at the other animals’ tracks and thinks there is something wrong with her.  Her mom tells her there isn’t though.  My favorite picture in ‘Portia Polar Bear’s Birthday Wish’ is the one where she slides on her back.”


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