The Calendar Clock

Cynthia Cactilopitus
Bookstand Publishing (2012)
ISBN 9781618633729

Reviewed by Cayden Aures (age 8) for Reader Views (2/13)

The cover of “The Calendar Clock” by Cynthia Cactilopitus has a happy looking clock and a picture of an Imp who looks like he is up to no good.  There are four chapters in the book, but they are really short chapters.  It is less like a chapter book and more like a regular children’s book.

The book starts on the day before Christmas.  The clock stopped before it got to 3:00.  The Imp made it do it.  That is why the first chapter is called “Dirty Trick.”  After that, he ran around the whole town and took everyone’s and everything’s power.   He made all of the Christmas lights go out and everything.   

My favorite picture in the book was when the snowmen came to life.  My favorite part of the book was how it ended.  “The Calendar Clock” by Cynthia Cactilopitus would be a good Christmas-time book.

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