Tadeo’s Search for Circles

Marion & Krysten Brooker
Fitzhenry & Whiteside (2011)
ISBN 9781554551736

Reviewed by Madison Schlarman (age 6) and Mom for Reader Views (5/12)

Tadeo loves circles and is on a quest to find the perfect circle. From Central America to Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America, Tadeo searches and discovers many circles, but none of them are perfect until, Tadeo finds the best circle of all, the only perfect circle, in his mother’s arms.  In “Tadeo’s Search for Circles” by Marion & Krysten Brooker, children will follow Tadeo’s journey and discover hugs are truly the best circle of all.

Madison’s Thoughts:

Tadeo loves circles.  He blows bubbles with his bubble gum and makes sand castles and yawns real big.  He wants to find the best circle and flies up into the air.  He visits lots of circles, like the sun and the moon.  They are not the best. Animals make circles and buildings make circles and people make circles but they are not the best. Tadeo likes the big circle with lights on it.  Mom says it’s a Ferris wheel.  I would not want to ride on a Ferris wheel. He sees a big white circle but it’s a bear butt.  That is funny. Tadeo goes home and finds the best circle is a hug from his mommy.  I agree. Hugs from mommy are the best!

Mom’s Thoughts: 

This book is cute.  While we enjoyed Tadeo’s search for circles, Madison really loved the art in this book.  She kept pointing out different aspects of the illustrations and named the various types of art or techniques used.  Since this is beyond my expertise, I was quite baffled.  But, for my daughter, who loves art and soaks up any information she can about it, this was a chance to tell me all about her favorite subject.  The story itself is cute, but doesn’t stand out among the crowd of children’s literature, for me.  We mostly spent time talking about the illustrations and art in the book than discussing the book itself.  While Madison agreed that hugs are perfect, she wasn’t compelled to bring this book as her first, second or third choice for bedtime reading.  If you have a child who loves art or fantasy, “Tadeo’s Search for Circles” by Marion & Krysten Brooker will likely make them happy.


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