Tamara Branch 
Heart Project Publishing (2014)
ISBN 9780985964801 
Reviewed by Arianna Violante (age 20) for Reader Views (2/15) 

"ItGirl4Life" by Tamara Branch is a book I wish I had read when I was a young teenager. Not meant to be read in one sitting but more like a daily devotional, this book serves as a guide for young girls. "ItGirl4Life" is divided into different sections, each pertaining to an aspect of a young girl's life during their most difficult stage: adolescence.

"ItGirl4Life" is full of words of encouragement, advice, and the wisdom needed to navigate this period of turmoil. "ItGirl4Life" will prove to be a valuable source of inspiration for these young women to grow into strong, intelligent, and kind women. This little book reminds girls to always be kind and gentle with themselves, along with discovering their passions, learning to speak up, cherishing their bodies, and making responsible decisions. The message of “ItGirl4Life” applies to all girls, transcending race and economics class, and ultimately leading and impacting a generation of girls from all backgrounds.

Well written, and also accessible, this simple approach will definitely reach its targeted audience and sit well with both educators and moms. I believe that “ItGirl4Life” is absolutely relevant to our current time and culture. Young girls will find the advice insightful but not patronizing, and will see for themselves that it comes from someone they can relate to and who understands them. Branch displays conviction and gentleness in her writing, never coming off as a domineering teacher or parent but rather as a trusted confidant and friend. “ItGirl4Life” encourages girls to follow their heart, take care of themselves, and to be their own person. In a time where we want to fit in, this book encourages us to stand out and make a change in our own unique way.

"ItGirl4Life” by Tamara Branch is an absolute win in my mind and is a book I will definitely recommend to young girls and their parents.