JoJo’s 1st Day of School (Tag Along With MoMo and JoJo: You're IT! Book #1)

Anthony Roth Bouldin & Morshica Bouldin
AuthorHouse (2011)
ISBN 9781456720773

Reviewed by Hailey (age 4) and Mom Tiffany Schlarman for Reader Views (10/12)

The first day of school can be nerve-wracking for children.  Most kids have some fear and anxiety about making friends, though they may be excited about the things they will learn and discover at school.  In “JoJo’s 1st Day of School” by Anthony Roth Bouldin and Morshica Bouldin, brothers MoMo and JoJo head to school.  JoJo is unsettled but MoMo encourages him and helps him find his class when they arrive.  Soon JoJo learns how much fun school can be – even the bus ride- and he makes friends easily.  The journey is all about the discovery and friendship along the way.

JoJo was scared to go to school. It was his first day. His brother helped him. MoMo was bigger. They woke up, got dressed, ate a snack and went to school. He tried to say hi to his friend, he looked out the window. They said good morning to all the children, it was the first day of class. Everyone was scared. They just had fun. They didn’t know what to do but that’s okay, the teacher will tell you if you don’t’ know what to do. At lunch time he said “Do you want some of my sandwich?”  Yes, he did.  Soon it was time to go home. He was sad. They rode the bus home. The end.

Though “JoJo’s 1st Day of School” by Anthony Roth Bouldin and Morshica Bouldin was quite long for Hailey’s attention span, she really enjoyed it.  Hailey identified with the story, because she started Pre-K this year and understands what it is like to start school and feel the anxiety of being new and not knowing what’s going on.  I think it was wonderful that another child wrote this book.  It’s evident in the manner of understanding the characters portray.  I wasn’t exactly sure what age range this book was targeting, but it seemed to be one that was a little outside the first-grade range in terms of its storyline, as most children start school at 4 to 5 years of age.  However, in terms of reading and attention span the book is great for first and second graders.  Overall, it’s a good story and worth the read.

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