Z is for Moose: (That’s Me!)

Kelly Bingham & Paul Zelinsky
Greenwillow Books (2012)
ISBN 9780060799847

Reviewed by Miles Cassells (age 2) and Mom for Reader Views (6/12)

Talk about a super cute read!!! Miles loved all the letters. He didn’t get the humor in it just yet but this book will be one of those we keep as long as he doesn’t destroy it. He needs to be able to enjoy “Z is for Moose: (That’s Me!)” by Kelly Bingham & Paul Zelinsky for a long, long time!!

Each page has “A is for Apple” and Miles would say “Apple” and then I would say “B is for……” and he would point to the picture and say “Ball.” This book is perfect for us right now because he knows his letters and will sing the song. He just will not say a ton of words.

The moose is trying to be on all of the pages finding a way to fit in the alphabet and at the end shows what love and friendships are all about. It’s a good moral lesson for kids. It is super sweet and I love it!!! I even thought about lending it to my friend with a toddler but I’ll just buy them their own copy! I think “Z is for Moose: (That’s Me!)” by Kelly Bingham & Paul Zelinsky would be the perfect gift for kids, even as young as 1-2. They will grow into the humor but learning the alphabet like this is sure to be fun in the meantime! 5 stars!!


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