The Tree That Bear Climbed

Marianne Berkes
Sylvan Dell (2012)
ISBN 9781607185376

Reviewed by Miles Cassells (age 2) and Mom for Reader Views (10/12)

Miles loves to read “The Tree That Bear Climbed” by Marianne Berkes. With his budding vocabulary, he gets excited to see the bear, the trees, the bees and the pretty flowers. While we read, he tries best to repeat the words back to me. He has learned that a tree has a trunk that grows in soil (or “dirt” if you ask Miles) and that bees make honey.

The illustrations are captivating and kept his attention. Mom thinks that the book was great, however, really exercised my brain! The sentences stack up together adding new lines to each page. At the end of the book, the repeating of every line starting from page one gave me a run for my thoughts to say the least. I think that kids would find this extremely funny as they are being read. I have a feeling that is part of the fun in it!

Overall this book was fun and what a great learning experience starting from soil all the way to Bear getting in trouble for messing with the bee’s honey! We will be reading “The Tree That Bear Climbed” by Marianne Berkes for many years to come! Miles really enjoyed this one!


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