Anybody Home?

Marianne Berkes
Sylvan Dell Publishing (September 10, 2013)
ISBN: 9781607186304
Reviewed by Ciara Summers (age 6), Alyvia (age5), and Mom for Reader Views Kids (4/14)

“Anybody Home” by Marianne Berkes is a wonderful story about a possum named Polly who is looking for a home. She first came upon a busy oak tree where a spider named Sammy, a couple of Robins and their eggs, and some friendly bee’s lived, but not one place could she call home. The girls loved looking at all the pictures while I read the story to them. Ciara was able to read most of the story, as many of the words were easy to sound out for a beginner reader, and the story line was so cute it had the girls laughing throughout the book. The girls had several questions about the different animals and their babies in the beautiful illustrations as we read the story together. They both were delighted with how the story turned out.

The back of the book was filled with information on the different homes for animals and about which animals would sleep during the night and which ones would sleep during the day. Polly’s map with the interactive grid really caught the girl’s interest, and they enjoyed looking for all the animals using the numbers and letters to locate the area in which they were hiding.

“Anybody Home” by Marianne Berkes is a story the girls will read over and over again and is a welcomed addition to our library.  

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