Dog Breath

Carolyn Beck
Fitzhenry & Whiteside (2011)
ISBN 9781554551804

Reviewed by Hailey Schlarman (age 47 months) and Mom for Reader Views (3/12)

“Dog Breath” is the story of a little boy’s memories of his beloved dog.  The good, the bad and the ugly are all unveiled in this story of a pooch loved by his owner until his departure from this world.  “Dog Breath” explains the thoughts and feelings one goes through after losing a pet.


“The doggy died.  The little boy misses him.  The doggy had stinky breath! Ewe, that’s funny.  He had a doggy bed and a bone to chew on but sometimes he chewed on stuff he shouldn’t.  That’s a bad doggy.  He had doggy dreams and he ran away sometimes.  The boy was sad.  The little boy fed him food he didn’t like.  It was yucky food.  The boy misses his doggy.  I would miss my doggy.  Can I have a doggy?  I wouldn’t let my doggy eat my cake.”


“Dog Breath” was not exactly what I expected.  I liked the idea and purpose behind this book and loved the illustrations but I wish the writing was better executed.  The book didn’t hold the attention of my girls.  We had to read this many times and they asked lots of questions in order to understand it.  Neither of them has asked to read it, instead they were coaxed into reading it for our review.  I think the book is best for older children who have experienced the loss of a pet.  I wouldn’t suggest it for young children.  Children ages 5 to 8 would probably like this story best, though I feel the audience is specific.  Overall, we enjoyed the book, it just wasn’t a favorite.  I did love the illustrations.  They captured our attention in a variety of ways.


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