Rosie Babysits: A Roseate Spoonbill Story

Lisa Batch
Halo Publishing International (2014)
ISBN 9781612443027
Reviewed by Paola Belloso (age 7) for Reader Views (12/14)        

 In the beginning of “Rosie Babysits” by Lisa Batch, Rosie has a big show but her mom said she couldn’t go because she had to babysit her brother.

Rosie whined to her mom but she still had to stay with her brother. When Saturday comes Rosie calls her best friend and tells her how unfair it was that she had to stay home and miss her show, and even wishes that her baby brother had never hatched. Later that day Rosie and Eva decided to go to the beach and take her little brother with them.They started building a sand castle and put Billy inside it all alone and went to see the life guard. Soon the water washed the sand and Billy was trying to look for his sister but he couldn’t find her.

The beach was too crowded and the water was not letting him walk. Then the water and the strong breeze pushed Billy into the sea and he started bouncing, from a turtle to a manatee who sneezes him out. Rosie came back and saw the Billy was missing and she felt very bad and looked for help. All the birds on the beach were searching for Rosie’s baby brother, flying all over the water and they could not find him. Then Rosie sees how Billy was getting near a big shark and she goes to the rescue. She saves him, and all the birds were very happy that Rosie was so brave and saved her baby brother. Later they invited her to a party and she said no. From now on she wanted to spend some time with her little brother.  

“Rosie Babysits” by Lisa Batch is a nice story that will teach you how you can share your time with your little brothers or sisters.  I like the pictures and how you can see the real photos of the turtles, dolphins, sharks, manatees and all the birds that are in the story and learn more about them. I liked it very much.