Harold the High Knight and Princess Megan

Micheal Andrisano
Outskirts Press (2013)
ISBN 9781432794514
Reviewed by Mason Summers (age 11) for Reader View Kids (1/14)

"Harold the High Knight and Princess Megan" by Micheal Andrisano is about two siblings who go on a quest to solve a riddle that will lead them to their missing father.  He disappeared without a trace and was said to have just upped and left back to his home country, Ireland. This of course, would have been highly possible if not for the wooden box Harold finds later on, and the visit from his ghostly Grandpa Milo, who informs him that their father had in fact not run away, but was captured with him by a mad gnome named Gagledormius somewhere in Ireland, and that the riddle he was about to give Harold was their only hope of finding them.  But not being all too good with riddles himself, Harold and his sister Megan decide to turn to their classmates for help, which of course did not end well.  This left the two siblings to turn to the last person they wanted help from, their mother, who from the beginning had thought Harold's story was just him coping with the loss of his father.  After telling her about the disappearance and capture of Grandpa Milo and the phone call that later confirms what they're saying is true, she comes to terms that maybe, just maybe, their father had been captured somewhere in Ireland by an evil gnome. 

The beginning of this book was a bit dragging/boring but thankfully starts to pick up somewhere in the middle. As for the characters, Harold and Megan are both believable and acceptable. They acted and made choices that a real kid would make in such a situation. This makes the book more real to the readers and easier to connect to, especially for kids their age.

So to sum it all up, "Harold the High Knight and Princess Megan" by Micheal Andrisano is wonderful fantasy read for young kids 8 and up.

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