Camp Utopia: & The Forgiveness Diet

Jenny Ruden
Koehler Books (2014)
ISBN 9781940192314
Reviewed by Chris Kyle (age 15) for Reader Views (03/16)

The plot of “Camp Utopia: & The Forgiveness Diet” by Jenny Ruden is about the struggle a teenager has with her weight. Camp Utopia, which is referenced as a “fat camp,” is where the main character, Bethany, is sent for the summer to do “something” about her weight. The author did a very successful job in getting her point across to readers, which what I think is to put yourself out there and refrain from the outside opinions of others that do not make any part in your life. Ruden’s writing style was intriguing and very well rounded, her writing style kept me on the edge of my seat and interested in the book, and I love books like that.

Ruden exploits the biggest problem in our society as of now, weight. She pinpoints the exact feelings of a sixteen-year-old girl struggling with these problems, and goes into depth explaining the struggles and adventures of Bethany. This book stood out to me as I struggle with how people view me and how I am presented.

I would recommend this book to teenage girls from ages 13-18, but I enjoyed it just as much and enjoyed thinking from another viewpoint. Middle and high school students would most likely relate to this book as much as others would. It exemplifies what most students are dealing with in their own lives today.

“Camp Utopia: & The Forgiveness Diet” by Jenny Ruden is a superb novel that takes you on an eye opening journey of a sixteen year old girl. As she goes through relationships, adventures, and many other problems, she stays as well rounded as she can.

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