The Jinni on the Roof: A Ramadan Story

Natasha Rafi
Pamir (2013)
ISBN: 9780988864900
Reviewed by Autumn Summers (age 8) for Reader Views kids (12/13)


“The Jinni on the Roof: A Ramadan Story,” by Natasha Rafi, is a book about a little boy named Raza who loves Paratha (a kind of flatbread in south Asia) so much that he pretends to be a Jinni, and he scares his Grandma’s cook into giving him some. Raza is sleeping when he is awakened by a sound he recognizes as a sign to start an early breakfast during Ramadan, a time of fasting. He realizes it is only his uncle snoring though. He smells the wonderful Parathas cooking downstairs and must have some, but he will be in trouble if someone sees him up this early. He comes up with a plan to go to the roof top and yell down the chimney and trick his Grandma’s cook into making him Parathas, hoping the cook will bring them to the roof top. He does this by pretending he is a jinni, which is a ‘being’ made of fire. It was a good plan until someone realizes he is out of bed. 

I liked how Raza came up with such a sneaky plan and it is even funnier when he is discovered. I think this is a good book for elementary-age kids because it is a funny story and you can learn a lesson from it too. My mom and I made Parathas with a recipe you can find at the end of the story, and they really are good and easy to make.

“Jinni on the Roof: A Ramadan Story” by Natasha Rafi is a short story with a funny ending that I am sure kids will enjoy reading.

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