Pig & Toad: Best Friends Forever

Dayle Quigley
Beaver’s Pond Press (2012)
ISBN 9781592984862

Reviewed by Grayce Richardson (age 8) for Reader Views (1/13)

“Pig & Toad: Best Friends Forever” by Dayle Quigley is the story of two friends who love each other and they haven’t seen each other in a while. This book tells of their adventures. Toad comes back in town for a concert. Pig tries to stand out in the crowd. So she annoys all these people in the crowd because she is standing up high, waving signs. When she goes home she is very sad and wilted because she thinks Toad doesn’t see her.

Meanwhile, Toad looks for her and finds Pig at her house. Together they go to a carnival. Pig loves the carnival, but Toad doesn’t and makes up excuses. Toad doesn’t want to ride the rides, so they agree on ice cream. Pig wants her face painted, but Toad again makes excuses. But it’s the Ferris wheel where they really have fun together. Since it is Pig’s birthday, Toad goes on a hunt for the perfect birthday present, but everything he gets her she already has - like clothes and flowers. He finally gets her balloons, but they accidentally float away into the sky. I really like it when Pig says, “That’s okay, you sent a thousand polka dots into the sky.”

I love that “Pig & Toad: Best Friends Forever” by Dayle Quigley is animated and they have so many adventures together. It was a laugh-out-loud story and very entertaining. The book has great illustrations and it was very imaginative. There was nothing I didn’t like. Kids and people who have a wide imagination and love silly, funny characters and like to go on adventures would like this book “Pig & Toad: Best Friends Forever.”

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