Little Critter: Just My Lost Treasure

Mercer Mayer
HarperFestival (2014)
ISBN 9780061478062
Reviewed by Alyvia Summers (age 5), Ciara Summers (age 8) and Mom for Reader Views (7/14)

“Little Critter: Just My Lost Treasure” by Mercer Mayer is another wonderful Little Critter adventure. Little Critter is asked by his mother to help her find his missing socks. Where can they be? As Little Critter looks for his socks, he finds all kinds of lost treasures, including a giant stuffed gorilla that talks, a space ranger rocket and a red racer wagon, just to name a few - but still no socks?  Until his mom finds an interesting discovery.

Ciara and Alyvia loved the story as well as all the colorful pictures. We made it a game to look for the spider and the little mouse in each picture as well as all the treasures Little Critter finds. The girls laughed at all the unusual places Little Critter found his lost toys and how his little sister would not let him search her room. While we were reading the girls noticed a part where Little Critter saw a little raccoon kid playing with a ball but when Little Critter noticed, that the ball belonged to him, he decided to share the ball instead of taking it home with all his other treasures.

We enjoyed “Little Critter: Just My Lost Treasures” by Mercer Mayer, and look forward to reading other Little Critter adventures.

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