WINDS: A Legend from the Lower Yukon

Armen & Aida Marasli
World Legends for Kids (2012)
ISBN 9780982652817

Reviewed by Marten Weldon (age 7) for Reader Views (1/13)

“WINDS: A Legend from the Lower Yukon” by Armen and Aida Marasli is a story about how the wind came to be.  It starts a long, long time ago when there was no wind at all.  And there was a couple who wanted a baby but didn’t have one.  First, she had a dream in which she was told to make a blanket out of feathers and then her dream would come true.  Then she had another dream in which a moon spirit visited and beckoned her on to his sleigh for a ride.  The driver took her to a plain landscape where a single, strange tree was.  He told her to cut a piece of the tree and make it into a doll.

When she woke up, she begged and begged her husband to go out and cut a chunk of the tree and carve a doll.  Even though he didn’t want to, he did it to keep the peace.  He carved a doll that was holding a spear and she helped make it clothes.  During the night the doll came alive.  The next day, they found that their doll child was missing.  They saw little footprints in the snow and followed it as far as they could go but couldn’t find him.  It turns out he was having an adventure.  On his adventure he found holes in the sky which were covered by skin.  With his spear, he poked one, and the wind and animals flew in.  And then he poked another hole, and another, and another.  And that is how the wind came to be.  You will have to read the book to find out what happens to the boy.

This story was based on a very old legend that was told by the Eskimos about how wind came and how the wind brought all the animals like rabbits, elk and salmon and polar bears.  I don’t think it is a true story, but it is a good story.

People with adventurous minds would like this book.  I think this book is best for people who will pay attention because there are a lot of details and it isn’t really a simple story.  I think adults would also enjoy “WINDS: A Legend from the Lower Yukon” by Armen and Aida Marasli.

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