Angel and Brie

Barbara Lopuszynski
Outskirts Press (2013)
ISBN 9871478708865
Reviewed by Elizabeth Mallak (age 16) for Reader Views (12/13)


“Angel and Brie” by Barbara Lopuszynski was distinctive from the other books I read in the way that it didn’t have the hand-to-hand combat or mythological aspects I usually look for, and I knew that going into this. And, I admit I enjoyed the book.

“Angel and Brie” is a story of two teenagers, one with a dad whom can’t seem to set his life straight, and the other with a strange attachment to a wolf-dog hybrid. Though an adventurous read, I admit I was disappointed with the length of the book. In some places I felt like it could have been carried out further or explained in more detail. Despite my opinion on this, the book itself wasn’t cramped or hurried, just a little on the short side for my tastes. Other than that I enjoyed reading as these two teens grew closer. Angel’s jealousy toward Brie’s new friends, their crushes, Brie’s hurriedness to save Wolfie, along with their adventures and struggles to reach their destination, and the heartbreak and disappointment.

Unfortunately, despite all the points in the book where emotion could have shone through, there was a strong lack of emotional attachment, at least for me as the reader. I felt the conversations between Angel and Jocko, her father, could have been scripted differently than that of a play’s act and could have allowed emotion to flow easier and show the readers exactly how Angel felt. Instead, during the conversations Angel seemed emotionless as if she was reciting a script, and I didn’t know until after the phone call that Angel was truly angry. But that could just be because I wasn’t used to that sort of scripting.

Other than that I did enjoy the book, despite the few disappointments I encountered reading it, and as a matter of fact I’ll be lending the book to my younger 14-year-old sister! I know she’ll enjoy it, maybe even more than I did, being as the characters are closer to her age.

I’m glad I’m getting to branch out into other genres and I look forward to reading more books like Barbara Lopuszynski’s “Angel and Brie.”

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