Flight 1-2-3

Maria van Lieshout
Chronicle Books (2013)
ISBN 9781452116624

Reviewed by Miles Cassells (age 2.5) and Mom for Reader Views Kids (3/13)

“Flight 1-2-3” by Maria van Lieshout is another spectacular book written by Maria van Lieshout! I thought that the first book “Backseat A-B-See” was genius and you can go ahead and add this to the list too! Who would have ever thought to create a book introducing signs that you see at the airport!

I have to say that I think I was more excited about this book than Miles. Miles has been to the airport several times in his few years and is really interested in planes. We live in Austin, Texas, really close to the airport so we actually get to see a lot of planes in the sky. He always gets excited when he sees one flying in the sky.

This book is a picture book, basically incorporating numbers and the signs you would find on the way to the airport, as well as signs at the airport - signs that tell you where to go, where to find the restrooms and food and when to buckle up. The graphics in this book are great! We really love the binding as well. This book series is a must-have for kids! Having this one on hand is perfect when you’re headed to the airport and your child can match the signs to the ones they see.

Now that there is a second book to this series, “Flight 1-2-3,” I am more than anxious to see what author Maria van Lieshout comes up with next! We are ready for it!!

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