Easter Ann Peters’ Operation Cool

Judy Lamb
Scribe Publishing Company (2012)
ISBN 9780985956202

Reviewed by Katarina Askew (age 8) for Reader Views (6/13)

The author’s main point for writing the book was to let you know that all things are possible when all things are changing at home and school. It was possible for Easter’s mom to go to the doctor’s office when she was having problems with drinking. Easter wants to have a better year at school and stand up to a bully she has had problems with in the past. The story is about Easter’s moms drinking and her trip to the doctor’s office, when Easter makes a friend, and her pictures of the lake. This author does a good job of writing; the book was easy to read and gets the point across that all things are possible. I think this book is written at a level third and fourth graders can understand. I think 6th- 8th graders could also enjoy this book too.

 I can relate to the book because I had a tough time at school once too. I had a lot of problems in second grade at recess because people were mean to me, so I could understand some of Easter’s feelings. For example, the part where she loses her cat, Yoplait, which is her only friend. My favorite part of the book was when they find Yoplait after she ran away. Easter’s dad found her on the street.  I think this author should write more books about Easter and her life. I think readers could learn more from Easter’s life. I would like the author to go back and write about Easter before the seventh grade too. I don’t think the author needs to make any changes to her writing. I thought the story line made sense the whole way through. My overall opinion of this book is that it is really, really good. This is a book I would read again.  I would recommend it to some of my classmates and my cousin. I really enjoy books where animals are included in the story like this one.

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