The Last Buffalo

Ed Kienzle 
Outskirts Press, Inc. (2013)     
ISBN: 9781478709442
Reviewed by Evan Weldon (age 11) for Reader View Kids (12/13))


“The Last Buffalo” by Ed Kienzle is a book about 12-year-old Wyman and his uncle Little Kettle on their adventure to save the buffalo. It all started when Wyman was born and Little Kettle proclaimed him keeper of the buffalo.  He made sure that from the start Wyman loved the buffalo. When Wyman started getting dreams about a mysterious buffalo that he could not see, Little Kettle and Wyman set of to Yellowstone Park, a ten hour drive from where they live, to see if they can save the buffalo that have been getting shot when they cross the border.  They also want to find the meaning of his dreams.  Along the way he finds allies in the most unlikely of places. Will he be able to save the buffalo or will the ranchers get the best of him and kill the buffalo that cross the border of Yellowstone?  Read and find out.

The characters were easy to relate to and enjoy. There were not too many or too few and each one had a distinct personality that was easy to like. My favorite character was Wyman who had trouble at school since everyone was bullying him because he was the keeper of the buffalo. He was adventurous and enjoyed nature. He also was nice and easy to be around.

I would recommend “The Last Buffalo” by Ed Kienzle to people who like adventure and action. I think all people young and old would like this book. I could not put this book down until I finished it. It was smoothly written and easy to follow, making it an easy read.

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