Tales of Deserts and Demons

Faiz Kermani
Faiz Kermani/Lulu (2012)
ISBN 9781105499937
Reviewed by Evan Weldon (age 10) for Reader Views (4/12)

“Tales of Deserts and Demons” by Faiz Kermani is three fantasy stories. “The Demon and the Three Beggars” was my favorite. It was about three disfigured beggars. One was purple from head to toe, one had half the face of a monkey, and the last one had a snout instead of a nose. When three friends were once again kicked out of the town that they had been visiting, they wandered into the cave of a demon who said that he would kill them unless they told him their stories about how they were disfigured. Will they live to see another sunset or will they die in the cave?

Even though the title “Tales of Deserts and Demons” sounds scary, it is really more funny and clever than scary. I would not classify this as a scary book, but many of the characters are demons or creatures. All the stories had elements of trickery and just rewards. I think even my mom might like this book!

I would recommend “Tales of Deserts and Demons” by Faiz Kermani to people who like short stories. It is nice to pick up a good book and finish an entire good story in way less than an hour. The entire book is less than 80 pages – but a very enjoyable 80 pages!

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