Golbo the Spider’s Amazing Vacuum Cleaner Adventure

Faiz Kermani
Lulu.com (2014)
ISBN: 9781291278750
Reviewed by Evan Weldon (age 12) for Reader Views Kids (05/14)

“Golbo the Spider’s Amazing Vacuum Cleaner Adventure” by Faiz Kermani is a book about a spider named Golbo on his adventure to find a nice warm place to settle down for winter. Faize Kermani weaves a humorous tale of the adventures of Golbo as he tries and tries again to find a permanent home for the winter while dodging the obvious dangers of being a spider in a very human world.

During his adventures, Golbo the spider learns to turn misfortune into happiness. Although, really, every spider knows nothing lasts forever.   

I enjoyed all of the characters from Golbo the spider to the evil, vacuum-wielding old lady. Although there were very few characters in this book, they were all important pieces of the puzzle.  My favorite character was Golbo whose everlasting determination gave a great sense of hope and drive for survival. 

I would recommend “Golbo the Spider’s Amazing Vacuum Cleaner Adventure” by Faiz Kermani to everyone! It was a great and enjoyable read that I could not put down until I finished.  To make a good book even better, it had colorful pictures that were fun to look at.

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