Curiosity the Giant

Faiz Kermani
Lulu (2013)
ISBN 9781300776017

Reviewed by Avery Summers (age 9) for Reader Views (9/13)

“Curiosity the Giant” by Faiz Kermani is a funny story about a giant who is so curious about everything that he gets himself into some pretty big messes. He breaks into the King’s castle and eats his food that was intended for a royal banquet; the King was so mad he banned him from the castle. Curiosity the Giant is afraid of the farmers because they chase him with pitchforks if he goes near their farms, but that still doesn’t stop him from leaving huge muddy foot prints and scaring their animals. The giant even messes with the court magician’s magic until the magician threatens to turn him into a frog.

Curiosity’s biggest problem is that he gets bored really easy and one day he sees a magical ladder reaching all the way to the clouds. So, being true to his name, Curiosity climbs the ladder, which takes him all day, until he finds himself on top of a large cloud. By this time, Curiosity is very hungry and sees a castle off in the distance. So he goes to investigate to see if he can find any food, but what he finds is house full of goblins that are not too happy to see him in their kitchen making a mess.

“Curiosity the Giant” by Faiz Kermani is a very funny story and the pictures are even funnier. I liked how Curiosity kept getting into things and finding himself in big trouble. I would recommend this book to kids who like funny stories about not just a person but a huge giant getting into all sorts of stuff.

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