Keekee’s Big Adventures in Paris, France

Shannon Jones
Calithumpian Press (2013)
ISBN 9780988634107

Reviewed by Autumn (age 8), Ciara (age 6), Alyvia (age 4) and Mom Cathleen Summers for Reader Views (7/13)

“Keekee’s Big Adventures in Paris, France” by Shannon Jones is about a cat traveling in a hot air balloon to see all her favorite places. This particular trip takes her to Paris, France. She arrives in Paris and finds herself on top of the Eiffel Tower. She then makes friends with a seagull named Elliot who agrees to show her around Paris. She also meets other friends along the way, a duck named Odilia and a dog named Bertrand, while in search of the “Meowna Lisa,” which really is the Mona Lisa. The trip ends at the Eiffel Tower at night with its beautiful lights.

“KeeKee’s Big Adventures in Paris, France” has illustrations my kids found interesting. They liked finding Keekee while I was reading the story, and the pictures were beautifully drawn with great attention to detail. While the story idea was well thought up for a children’s book, the story itself was at a level of reading that would be found in a social studies book. The author was trying to familiarize children with Paris, France but for the intended age range, this book’s words are too advanced. I was hoping that the story would have been written in the form my second-grader could have read along with me. I found my children were losing interest in the story while I was trying to endure through the reader’s choice of words.  The story did not flow with the wording you would expect a children’s book to have.

KeeKee the cat is a lovable character whose adventures would be fun for kids to go on but at a level they can understand. As previously mentioned, “Keekee’s Big Adventures in Paris, France” by Shannon Jones was too advanced for the intended age range.  Being a mom of thirteen children, all of which are home schooled, I look for children’s books with illustrations that capture my child’s interest, and allow them to get more involved in reading the story.  Also, I like a book that my child can read along and easily sound out the words with me. Then with practice, they can eventually read on their own; if not the books sit on the shelf collecting dust.

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