Annie the Scientist

Daniel Johnson
Character Publishing (2013)
ISBN: 9780989079730
Reviewed by Grayce Richardson (age 10) for Reader Views (07/14)

“Annie the Scientist” by Daniel Johnson is a book about a young girl who is new to her neighborhood. When the neighborhood kids show up to introduce themselves and invite her to jump rope, Annie claims she's a scientist, but nobody believes her. They ask her to prove it and that begins a book filled with her self-conducted science projects. In one chapter, she finds monsters in a puddle (which I think is bacteria), draws in the dirt, plays a game to share how molecules work, and discovers dinosaurs in her own backyard! 

Annie is a really cool girl and I'd love for her to be my friend! I thought this book was great. I liked this book because I really like science. It is one of my favorite subjects in school. I also want to be a marine biologist, so I felt compelled to read this book.  I recommend “Annie the Scientist” by Daniel Johnson for kids who really like science and are curious about how the world works, and about nature. My mom liked the back of the book because there was an extra section that parents (or kids) could read that described the science behind each chapter. 

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