Sandra J. Howatt
Beach Lane Books (2014)
ISBN 9781442422667
Reviewed by Eliana Summers (age 3), Ciara Summers (age 7) and Mom for Reader Views (7/14)

“Sleepyheads” by Sandra J. Howatt is a beautiful bedtime story with many dreamy illustrations to help your little ones to sleep. My daughters Eliana and Ciara both enjoyed finding all the animals that were sleeping in the book, while Eliana found it especially fun to locate the bright moon in each picture. The author did a wonderful job of combining easy to read words in rhyming form which Ciara found easy to sound out for a beginner reader. The story line was very calming and kept my girls interest. They enjoyed recalling all the animals throughout the story and the places they slept. My daughter Ciara made a comment about how the fireflies and stars looked like they would jump off the page. Eliana couldn’t wait to find where the animals were sleeping on the next page. Both girls enjoyed guessing at the surprise ending and had me read it to them again before they went to bed.

“Sleepyheads” by Sandra J. Howatt is a wonderful book to read any time, but especially calming for a bedtime story. The story line keeps your child’s interest while helping them relax for the night. We would recommend “Sleepyheads” as a favorite nighttime story, and a welcome addition to any home library.

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