The ABC Field Guide to Faeries

Susanne Alexander-Heaton
Motivated by Nature (2009)
ISBN 9780981304809

Reviewed by Emilee (age 12) and Ciara Summers (age 7) for Reader Views (7/13)

“The ABC Field Guide to Faeries” by Susanne Alexander-Heaton is not what you would expect from an ABC book. My sisters and I liked all the beautifully colored pictures of different faeries and they had some really neat names like Faleryana and Buzzalina. I liked how the author, at the bottom of each page, had a rhyme about nature and how to be nice to all living things. My sisters liked to look at all the different kinds of faeries and what part of nature that they helped out. I would recommend “The ABC Field Guide to Faeries” to kids who like poems about nature and faeries, not so much for learning their ABC’s.

The author Susanne Alexander-Heaton did a really nice job of inspiring people especially kids to be kind to one another and to nature and all of its magical beauty. She also is trying to raise funds for causes that support respect for ourselves and the environment.

“The ABC Field Guide to Faeries” by Susanne Alexander-Heaton is book you should have to read over and over to remind yourself how important our time is here on earth and to remind you to do some good with the time you have.