The Cemetery Sleeper

Susan Griner 
Saguaro Books, LLC (2014
ISBN: 9780692247693 
Reviewed by Evan Weldon (age 12) for Reader Views Kids (07/14)

“The Cemetery Sleeper” by Susan Griner is a book about ten-year-old Freddy.  After his mother’s death, Freddy’s father is unable to care for him and he goes to live with his twelve-year-old cousin Emily and his Aunt Teri in the town of Mabry.  While Freddy is there, he and Emily go to the family graveyard where he accidently drops his lucky compass on the grave of the mysterious Tump, who died many years ago.  Although his body has been long dead, his spirit still hungers for revenge and Tump uses the compass to wrest control of Freddy’s body.  Freddy begins having very strange dreams of Tump’s life.  When Tump is kicked in the dream, Freddy wakes up sore.  When Tump gets a bloody nose, Freddy wakes up with a bloody nose as well.  When Freddy and Emily learn that something very bad is about to happen to Tump, Freddy is understandably scared.  Will they be able to save Freddy before Tump goes too far?

In between dreams, Freddy tries everything from lard to fenders to try to stop Tump, but nothing he tries seems to work. Meanwhile, Emily, who does not believe in ghosts, attempts to come up with logical ways to prevent Freddy’s “sleepwalking.”  Will Freddy be able to find a way to ward off the ghost or will he forever be a slave to Tump’s will? 

I would recommend “The Cemetery Sleeper” by Susan Griner.  This is an entertaining book for people who like mystery and suspense. I could not put this book down until I finished the entire thing. My favorite character was Freddy with his determination to make the ghost stop, whatever it took. 

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