Santa’s Sugar

Jane Gerencher
Inkwell Productions (2012)
ISBN 9780985250133
Reviewed by Cayden Aures (age 8) for Reader Views (12/12)

In “Santa’s Sugar” by Jane Gerencher there is a cat named Sugar. There is also an elf named Nugget. Nugget used to have many different jobs, but he didn’t do them too well. My favorite is when there is a picture of him in the workshop painting toys. I think that he got more paint on himself than he did on the toys. He did kind of a messy job. They tried having him help in the kitchen too. Nugget then got the job of taking care of Sugar.

Santa comes home from delivering presents one year, but after he is home awhile, an elf finds a present that he forgot in his bag! There is going to be a kid with no present! Santa hurries and gets back in his sleigh to go deliver it. After he leaves, Nugget sees that Sugar is missing! That is not good! He looks everywhere! Where did Sugar go? Nugget has to find him, because he doesn’t want to do a bad job again.

My favorite part of the book is the ending. I liked the pictures in it too, especially the paint one. “Santa’s Sugar” by Jane Gerencher is a good book for Christmas.

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