Mia: The Sweetest Valentine

Robin Farley
HarperCollins Publishers (2012)
ISBN 9780062100122
Reviewed by Paola Belloso (age 6) for Reader Views (7/14)

“Mia: The Sweetest Valentine” by Robin Farley is about a cat who loves to dance and wear a tutu. It was Valentine’s Day and Mia invited her friends to her house for a party. They were all wearing tutus and Mia decorated her room very nice for the party.  It was time to give the Valentine cards and Mia forgot hers downstairs. She went to look for them and she also found a red heart box. She ran upstairs to her room and showed them the red box that had yummy chocolates in all shapes and shared them with her friends.  Then they all passed out their Valentine cards and Mia saw that all chocolates were gone. She worried, but anyway everyone kept dancing. After they danced her friends went back home. Mia’s dad came to her room asking for the red heart box and Mia told him that she had shared it with her friends at her party. Her dad frowned and said that it was her mom’s valentines present. Mia felt very bad.  Her dad said it was okay, but she had to help him find another present. It was too late to buy anything so Mia saw Ruby’s card with her dancing and she had a great idea. Let’s dance for mom because she loves to see me dance. They practiced and set up everything for the show. Soon her mom was home and the dance started.  Mia turned the music on and they danced, twirled and spun around. Her mom was very happy because they really had a wonderful show. She loved her present.

I loved the story of “Mia: The Sweetest Valentine” by Robin Farley.  I liked the stickers and how Mia fixed her mistake and helped her dad give her mom the best present ever.

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