Mia: The Easter Egg Chase

Robin Farley
HarperCollins Publishers (2013)
ISBN 9780062100139
Reviewed by Paola Belloso (age 6) for Reader Views (7/14)

“Mia: The Easter Egg Chase” by Robin Farley is about a cat who was all excited because tomorrow was Easter.  Mia is getting ready by coloring her eggs with Mr. Cat and she can’t wait to see Sophie, her little cousin that loves to dance. Mrs. Cat placed all the eggs on a basket so that the Easter Bunny could hide them. Mia was curious to know who will find the chocolate bunny. When all the family arrived she showed Sophie her special egg and soon the big egg hunt started.  All the kittens were outside looking for the special eggs. Every time little Sophie saw an egg and ran to it, cousin Benny was faster than her and grabbed it before she could. Sophie kept looking and looking but she was not fast enough. Mia was filling her basket and she spotted the chocolate bunny, but also saw that little Sophie was sad with an empty basket. So she gave up on the chocolate bunny and helped Sophie so that they could find eggs together. The egg hunt ended and cousin Benny found the chocolate bunny. Sophie was very happy that Mia had helped her. At the end everybody was happy because they all got a chocolate bunny.

I liked “Mia: The Easter Egg Chase” by Robin Farley and loved how Mia helped little Sophie and shared her eggs with her. That was very nice of her on such a special day.

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