No Dogs Allowed

Anne Davis
HarperCollins Children’s Books (2011)
ISBN 9780060753535
Reviewed by Madison (Age5), Hailey (Age 2) and Mom for Reader Views (6/11)


Mr. Cat does not like dogs! When one arrives at the house he must learn to adjust. While Gabby, the other cat in the house, like Cookie the dog, Mr. Cat does not. Soon he has had enough! He makes a new rule, “No Dogs Allowed!” Cookie is sent outside and the two cats resume their normal easy going style of play and relaxation. Soon the skies open and rain falls. Gabby is worried about Cookie and if Mr. Cat is honest, he is too! They set out to find their new friend, armed with umbrellas to keep dry! Luckily, Cookie is not far from home. When they arrive back at the house, Mr. Cat realizes dogs aren’t all that bad. In fact, he might have a new friend!
Madison’s Thoughts:
The cat does not like dogs! The dog sits in the cats chair. Gabby makes cookie laugh. It was a rainy and stormy night. They each knew what Gabby was thinking. Gabby was looking at the stormy clouds. They went out into the stormy night and found Cookie sitting under their neighbors porch. They brought him inside to make sure he didn’t get a cold. They gave him popcorn and hot chocolate! Cookie liked the cat and said “Thank you, I love you.” It was nice.
I like this book! I like that you read it to me. I like the pictures and I really like cookie because he is cute and cuddly.
Hailey’s Thoughts: 
No cats allowed! No dogs allowed! Let’s climb up a tree. Dogs can’t climb! It’s little Gabby! They said “No dog’s allowed!” Gabby saw lots of clouds. They went into the stormy night! They got Cookie! They shared the chair.
Mom’s Thoughts:
This is a really cute story about a cat who is very sure he doesn’t like dogs! Easily annoyed by everything the dog does, the cat decides to make a sign that says “No Dogs Allowed” and kicks Cookie out of the house. Gabby, the second cat is worried about Cookie when the rain starts to fall. After all, Cookie wasn’t so bad. They actually had some fun! Cat knows what Gabby is thinking, grabs the umbrella and they both head out to look for Cookie! Once he is found Cat realizes he was wrong. He doesn’t dislike all dogs, because he gave Cookie a chance and now he has a dog friend! In a story that promotes learning about others before judging them, children are able to discover and learn how fun it can be to have friends who are a little bit different than you.
Overall my children and I really enjoyed this book. It is easy to read and understand. The illustrations aren’t traditional, but are very cute and well done. I thought they looked similar to what a child would draw or create for this story, not that they are childlike. Though untraditional in nature they are still bright and colorful as well as clear and imaginative. We enjoy reading this book and I would recommend it. Children ages 2-6 can enjoy this book!

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