Candle Bible for Kids: Toddler Edition

Juliet David
Lion Hudson (2012)
ISBN 9781859859391

Reviewed by Miles Cassells (age 2.5) and Mom for Reader Views (3/13)

“Candle Bible for Kids” was very attractive to Miles. He is in love with animals so when he saw I had it for review he wanted to read the “animal book!” He doesn’t really know that it’s a toddler Bible but he really took to the amazing artwork on the pages.

When I asked him if he liked the book he replied “it beautiful mommy, look it beautiful, animals and the world.” In other words, it is beautiful and he was amazed at the photos and that is to say the least.  He even tricked Grammy into reading it again after we read it several times.

Miles was drawn to the beginning quickly starting out with a darkened picture of the earth before there was light. He was amazed at the next page where “God said ‘let there be light’ and there was light.”

On page 23, the book reads “God became sorry he ever made the world.” I personally thought that this was a bit harsh to read to a toddler who is just learning about God. Although my belief is to allow him to have his own belief, I didn’t care for that line at all. It was referencing the “Noah builds an ark” chapter.  I think that some parts of the Bible should be presented at an appropriate age. I don’t think anyone under the age of 12 should hear “God became sorry he ever made the world.” Some things are better left for more of a young adult/adult conversation. I did take a marker and strike through that part only because of my opinion.

On page 151 - “The Saddest Day” - the chapter is talking about Jesus being sent to die. “Kill Jesus, Kill him.”  Again, this is a little harsh for my toddler’s mind. I just don’t want my son running around chanting “Kill Jesus, Kill him.” As we all know, children repeat what they hear. Even though this may be what the Bible says is true, a little more digression is desirable for my child.

I actually really love the idea of this book. The majority of “Candle Bible for Kids: Toddler Edition” is right on and wonderful. This book is 160 pages so I don’t find it completely unattractive. I will allow Miles to keep this book. He really loves it and it’s a great book. As the adult, I can sensor the very small portions that I didn’t care for and all is good!

I must really end this review with much praise to Jo Parry for the art in “Candle Bible for Kids: Toddler Edition” by Juliet David. Every page is breathtaking for a toddler!!! Attraction is everything and this book has that and more!

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