Skink on the Brink

Lisa Dalrymple
Fitzhenry & Whiteside (2013)
ISBN: 9781554552313
Reviewed by Ciara Summers (age 7) and Autumn Summers (age 8) for Reader Views Kids (4/14)

“Skink on the Brink” by Lisa Dalrymple is a fun and educational story about a skink that goes through many changes and realizes that, no matter what, he is special. Stewie is a small skink with a beautiful blue tale that he is very proud of until one day he loses the tale and has to grow a new one only to find out as his tale grows, it does not grow back the way he thinks it will. Poor Stewie has to come to realize why he no longer feels special without his beautiful tale and this leads him on a journey to find out what makes him special is not his beautiful blue tale but just being himself. 

Ciara and Autumn loved the colorful clay looking pictures. They enjoyed searching the pictures for different things as I would read the story. They both found the story to be very interesting as Stewie went on his journey and met different animals and thought his songs were super funny. The end of the book includes how to make a skink using plasticine clay. We used clay instead and the girls really had fun making the different animals in the book. We found the information about the skink very interesting and the girls liked finding out where the skink lived and about its life cycle.

“Skink on the Brink” by Lisa Dalrymple is a great book for kids who like learning about the outdoors. The storyline kept the girls attention and they learned things along the way.

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