The Silver Sphere

Michael Dadich
Evolved Publishing (2012)
ISBN 9781622536016

Reviewed by Ben Weldon (age 16) for Reader Views (7/13)

“The Silver Sphere” by Michael Dadich is the story of six children, or kin, who are psychically linked to a powerful group of individuals called the Aulic Assembly.  The Assembly has the power to activate a mystical object know as The Silver Sphere which allows them to track the movements of the evil Biskara.  Yet when the Assembly goes missing, only the kin can save them and save the world of Azimuth.  Will the kin be able to find the Assembly members before it’s too late?

Suddenly taken from their homes, the kin had to quickly adjust to their new lives in Azimuth.  Due to their psychic links to the members of the Aulic Assembly, the kin quickly became proficient with the weapons that they had to use to battle the evil minions of Biskara.  Will the kin be able to use their new skills to rescue the Assembly, or will the world fall into darkness?

This book included a lot of fast-paced and fun action sequences and entertaining fantasy creatures.  The book had a wide variety of very original fantasy creatures such as the Battleswine, a violent humanoid boar species that joined forces with the kin to battle Biskara.  The book also had a lot of the more beloved and typical fantasy creatures such as evil witches. 

This was the author’s first book and a great first try.  However, the plot in regard to the villains was rather weak.  There were a number of instances where a character would become practically invulnerable unless it benefitted the plot to have him injured.  There was very little back story to the villains or the Aulic Assembly.  The technology levels of Azimuth were rather inconsistent; they had access to laser blasters, yet used primitive weapons such as swords and battleaxes.  The author mentioned that the inhabitants of Azimuth had chosen to live without higher technology, but his explanation was lacking and not completely believable. 

I would recommend “The Silver Sphere” by Michael Dadich to people who like fantasy and adventure books. This book is the first in a series called “The Kin Chronicles.”  I look forward to forward to reading more from this author as he perfects his style.

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