Rocket Ship

Grey Line Press (2014)
ISBN 9780983002833
Reviewed by Evan Weldon (age 12) for Reader Views Kids (4/14)

“Rocket Ship” by C.O.B. is a book about two kids, seventh-graders Gary and Lincoln, on their quest to build a rocket ship and find a better place to live. Both Gary and Lincoln are upset with their lives because of problems with their families. On the way to building the rocket ship, they encounter problems that test their friendship to its limits. Will they be able to overcome the obstacles or will their idea be smashed to pieces? 

My favorite character is Gary. He is smart and really the brains of the operation and a talented artist. Sometimes Lincoln is on the unstable side of things and isn’t always the most likeable character. The author introduces all the characters very well making it easy to keep them all straight, but sometimes it is a little hard to read because the characters do things that make no sense.   For example, when Gary says he hates going to sleep because he’ll have to wake up again, Lincoln gets REALLY mad and picks him up and tells him to never say that again. 

There is an element of magical realism to this book. For example, the stars move to make shapes in the night. Also, everyone gets two wishes granted but the recipients have to work hard to make their wishes come true. Sometimes the magical realism makes things pretty odd, but that is the nature of magical realism.

I would suggest “Rocket Ship” by C.O.B. for people who like adventure and determination.  It is a quick read and pretty enjoyable.

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