Sherrill S. Cannon
Strategic Book Publishing (2013)
ISBN: 9781622124787
Reviewed by Miles Cassells (age 3.5) and Mom for Reader Views Kids (12/13)

Sherrill S. Cannon has done it again with another great lesson for young people about using their manners in her new book “Manner-Man.” This book is wonderfully illustrated and each page is filled with fun rhymes. I even found it super cute that some of the illustrations included covers of the other books that Sherrill has written - that is so clever!

Miles was really into “Manner-Man.” As of right now, he is really interested in super heroes. Miles is an only child and he is attending preschool where he has been forced to learn to share. I really love how Sherrill puts together a fun way to teach kids that we have to be nice to our friends and stick up for those who are being bullied. The message is positive and it is to teach children to respect each other and be nice. In the case where someone is not being nice, it shows the child how to stand up against the bully in a loving way by repeating “I am strong and my flash is bright, and I will defend you and make things alright.”

The best part is at the end of the book there is a cut out “Manner-Man” badge so the children who have this book can join the “Manner-Man” club and help lead the way with their great manners.

Miles really loves the rhymes and wanted me to read the book over and over again. We have repeated this title about 10 times so far. I highly recommend Sherrill S. Cannon’s “Manner-Man” to parents of young kids to help teach manners and possibly help prevent bullying when our kids go to school.

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