The Raindrop Who Couldn't Fall

Kirsti Call
Character Publishing (2013)
ISBN: 9780983935582
Reviewed by Tamra LeValley and Grandkids for Reader Views (5/14)

A Raindrop, named Plink, watches as all of her friends grow up and drop to earth to nourish it.  Her fear of falling is keeping her from having fun with her friends.  Her cloud is just so safe and comfortable for her to want to let go. She needs to find that determination and self-confidence to fall.  How will she learn to let go and be unafraid?  With the help of her grandmother she finds all the strength within herself to finally let go and fall.  

"The Raindrop Who Couldn't Fall" by Kirsti Call is so infectious and fun.  My grandkids are now constantly asking me to read this to them.  The main character is a pink raindrop that goes through the spectrum of emotions that we often see in children.  She is bubbly, bright, sad and happy all in one book.  The main theme is one that all parents want to instill in their kids....self-confidence.  The illustrations are very professional and endearing.  My granddaughter has fallen in love with Plink.  

My favorite part of this book are the "bookmarks" that are on certain pages.  These tell the children facts about our water ecosystem such as how rainbows are made and why rainfall occurs. I absolutely love how the author has inserted teaching mechanisms within these pages.  It makes this book fun and educational.  The cover of the book also has a "Character Scale" which tell you what it is attempting to teach the children.  This particular book teaches:  self-confidence, determination, attitude and wisdom. In the back of the book is a glossary of words for the kids to use as well as a fun page with instructions on how to make things related to rain, one of those items being a "Rainstick."  Once you have put this together using the step-by-step guide your kids will have a blast shaking it up and hearing the sound of rain.  Beware, it does get a bit noisy in the house but it is well worth the noise for the opportunity to do hands on arts and crafts and teach your children about our ecosystem at the same time.

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