Children of the Knight

Michael J. Bowler
Harmony Ink (2013)
ISBN: 9781623806552
Reviewed by Ben Weldon (age 16) for Reader Views Kids (01/14)

“Children of the Knight” by Michael J. Bowler is the story of fourteen-year-old Lance and his adventures through Los Angeles with the recently resurrected King Arthur.  Brought back from the dead in the time of greatest need, Arthur and Lance roam the city in search of troubled youth to help and enlist in Arthur’s army. This army would then go and help people within the beleaguered city of LA.  But this army drew attention from unwelcomed sources that would see them dead and the city further enslaved by drugs and violence. Will Arthur and Lance succeed in making the city a better place?

In LA, drugs and violence were running rampant. Then the mysterious knight and his companion came through, eradicating crime and converting the former gangbangers to soldiers of justice who cleared the streets of drugs and cleaned up impoverished neighborhoods. But the drug lords who controlled the streets were not willing to give up their power so easily. They did everything in their power to stop Arthur’s quest. Will Arthur and his young army be able to withstand the onslaught of the drug titans and save LA?

The writing style was pretty smooth, but conversations could be a touch hard to interpret due to the Old English used by Arthur. The characters were persuaded to do things a bit too easily and there was an unpleasant amount of drama about who Arthur’s ‘favorite’ knight was.  Despite this, it was still a fairly easy, if not light, read.

I would recommend Michael J. Bowler’s “Children of the Knight” to people who like teen adventure books and Arthurian legends.  There were a lot of adult themes, including prostitution, drugs, and a lot of swearing. This was a standalone book and a fairly easy read. 

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