Harry Hairy Legs: Harry’s Birthday Wish

Chris Binns
CreateSpace (2013)
ISBN: 9781494429140
Reviewed by Autumn Summers (age 8) and Mom for Reader Views Kids (01/14)

“Harry Hairy Legs: Harry’s Birthday Wish” by Chris Binns is a cute tale of a spider named Harry who makes a birthday wish, a wish he does not think will come true. When he wakes up one morning, he finds a Ladybird has injured her wing. Harry helps the poor Ladybird only to find out that her friend Frog has fallen down as well.

Autumn noticed right away that a spider should be afraid of a frog, so we talked about how each character related to one another and had become friends. Harry then helped a Bluebird get back his nest, all the while telling them to not be afraid of him. While it seemed like he made friends, Harry Hairy Legs went home alone. Harry finds out his good deeds paid off with a birthday surprise he did not expect. He then has an unexpected visitor and an unexpected reaction.

Autumn and I found “Harry Hairy Legs: Harry’s Birthday Wish” by Chris Binns to be an entertaining tale for elementary aged children with easy to like characters and a story line that was easy to follow and enjoyable to read. You even have the chance to draw your own Harry Hairy Legs with the help of the author’s step by step illustrations that are easy for kids to follow. Then on the next few pages your child can draw his or her own character just like the author did in the story. Autumn enjoyed reading and drawing in the book. She was able to sound out some of the words and read along with me, while we discussed how the characters became friends and how she liked a story about a friendly spider. We would recommend this book to children who like funny stories about unlikely friends and unexpected surprises.

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