A Perfect Day

Carin Berger
Greenwillow Books (2012)
ISBN 9780062015808

Reviewed by Miles Cassells (age 2.5) and Mom for Reader Views Kids (1/13)

“A Perfect Day” by Carin Berger was super attractive to Miles based on the snowman on the front! They say never judge a book by its cover but Miles sure did! He fell in love instantly!

Title is all about snow! Lots and lots of snow! Each child from school is introduced with their interaction with the snow, where they all have fun playing, sledding, skiing, and making snow angels. The super fun day in the snow ends perfectly with nothing else more perfect than hot chocolate!

“A Perfect Day” by Carin Berger is absolutely gorgeous! The artwork is printed on lovely paper! I really was attracted to the pages printed on what looks to be notes or journal entries logging a winter. They are faint in the background and it makes this book have extra character. This book is truly a work of art! A very simple read yet very unique! Wonderful! Lots of praise for this one for sure!!!

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