Why Juan Can’t Sleep: A Mystery?

Karl Beckstrand
CreateSpace (2012)
ISBN 9781479217137

Reviewed by Miles Cassells (age 2.5) and Mom for Reader Views Kids (1/13)

Miles really likes “Why Juan Can’t Sleep: A Mystery?” by Karl Beckstrand. I think it’s because he has the same issues. Too much going on in his mind to relax and get to bed!

Juan is yawning, he is so tired. He has his cup, dog and bear ready to go. He plans to dream of dragons and dromedaries but dreams of driving with Grandpa, which is scary because he is running a stop sign. He has crumbs in his shirt, sounds under the bed, itches and twitches, everything possible to keep him awake. As the book goes on, Juan is distracted by so much and he just wants to go to sleep! Eventually, his mind settles and is able to get to sleep.

What an entertaining way to get Miles to sleep! He has requested to re-read this book several times since we have received it for review. The artwork is spectacular and every page is eye-catching! I certainly love “Why Juan Can’t Sleep: A Mystery?” by Karl Beckstrand and Miles certainly relates! Definitely a keeper!!! Every little guy should have this wonderful mystery!

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