Souls of Darkness

Eleanor T. Beaty  
Q Publishing Inc.  (2013)     
ISBN: 9780988590113 
Reviewed by Evan Weldon (age 11) for Reader View Kids (12/13)


“Souls of Darkness” by Eleanor T. Beaty is a book about 16-year-old Alex and his mother Charlotte as they set of to Mahini, a small island paradise. When they get there, strange things begin to happen. For instance, one day when he was biking back to his house, Alex got the feeling he was being watched, missed a turn, and bashed into a wall. When he finds out that the strange things that are happening are being caused by Spirits, he must find a way to get Rangur, the most evil spirit, to stop terrorizing the people. Will Alex be able to stop Rangur, or will Rangur get the best of him?

My favorite character was Gabe who could be callous but usually meant well. For example, when his brother Bui was corrupted by Rangur and began tormenting the townspeople and performing deeds as evil as killing children, Gabe attacked him.  Later he regretted his actions as they pushed Bui even further into the evil clutches of Rangur.  He wondered, if he had been kind instead, would Bui have returned to him.

A large part of the book is about Alex and his crush on Taiya. Sometimes there is a lot of kissing and romance that might not be appropriate for all audiences, but if you are the kind of person who likes that kind of stuff then this is the right book for you.

I would recommend “Souls of Darkness” by Eleanor T. Beaty to people who like action, adventure and romance. There was a little too much romance for me and I think that teens might get more out of this book than a younger audience.

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