Gollywood Here I Come

Terry John Barto
AuthorHouse (2014)
ISBN 9781496935090
Reviewed by Paola Belloso (Age 7) for Reader Views (10/14)

“Gollywood Here I Come” by Terry John Barto is a story about a little turkey girl called Anamazie.  Anamazie was part of a marching band and loved to see and hear how the people cheered at them as they passed by. She dreamed of one day being on the red carpet.  One day after she finished her show with the band she left for the finals on a talent show. She did a very good job but she didn’t win, and she ran crying to her mom.  Her mom told her that somebody from Gollywood Studios wanted to talk to her about a film. The gentleman said that they were looking for a turkey girl just like Anamazie for their next film.  Anamazie couldn’t believe it, but Mr. Albright gave her a script so she could practice and be at the studios the next morning for a screen test. Anamazie was there and met Mr. JB where she recited her scene and then waited for him. Mr. J.B came to her and said “you will be the next star of the movie.” Both Anamazie and her mom were very excited and started to prepare for the movie, the costumes and dance routines were all ready.

The big day came, the film started and it was not very easy for Anamazie, but after a few months it was ok and she was already famous, and she did walk on the red carpet. Anamazie got a private teacher, and one day she went to her old school to visit her friends. They were all happy to see her and one of her good friends asked her, “Can I be famous like you too?” Anamazie answered, “Yes, if you try and try you can do anything.”

 I would recommend “Gollywood Here I Come” by Terry John Barto.  I like how Anamazie dreamed and tried and tried until she got her dream. Never give up…keep trying.

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